So I recently moved into my new house and as I was furnishing it, I received many comments, all starting with,

“Oh! You NEED *insert item here* this in your house”


If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I think I would have enough money to furnish my entire house.

Which brings me to a point, many times we think we need things in our lives like..

“You NEED a clock in your house”

“I NEED more work dresses! I have nothing to wear!”

“I NEED a television in the house. What if people come over?”

“Hmmm, the wall is too empty. I NEED some art pieces here to fill it up”


You get my drift.

A conversation during one of my client meetings showed me that people are looking for meaning in things. We buy things only to be temporarily happy and we think that ownership of all these amazing things would truly satisfy us but to find that 2 hours later, we’re feeling exactly the same as when we did not have those things. A good friend who was worried about saving up for a house in Singapore was thinking about delaying his plans to start a family just so that he could save more money. This was shortly after I bought my first house. I had thought that after achieving this milestone in my life, it’ll make me feel good about myself. Owning a property before the age of 30. Or so I thought. I felt as happy as the time I bought a really cool book I’ve been wanting to read. You would think that a million dollar purchase could perhaps make me happier than a twenty dollar purchase. Nuh-uh. So I shared with my friend and asked him to imagine coming home each day to his wife and child, to see each milestone his child achieves, to see those eyes look lovingly into his, to feel his child’s tiny little fingers wrapped around his own. These are experiences money can never buy. And these are the experiences that are lasting. These are the experiences that are truly meaningful. These are the things we truly need.

So in summary, I figured, what we really need is 4 things:

  1. A roof over our heads
  2. Food on the table
  3. People who love us
  4. People we love

With these 4, we are so blessed. What more can we ask for?

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