Boringly consistent.

I heard of this term couple years ago during a training event and some things happened in my life recently that brought new meaning to that phrase.

My friend recently tried to venture into food catering for the busy CBD folks. The idea seemed pretty solid. Home cooked food, reasonable price, delivered straight to the office. Cheap, fast and good. How much more can you ask for? I was pretty pumped at the idea and immediately told most of my lunch buddies about it, got them excited and soon enough we started getting our home cooked meals. However, it only lasted for about two weeks before my friend, the chef, had to leave the country for a month. A month later, the chef tried restarting the catering service but there were ZERO take ups. Which got me thinking, the one month break totally killed the intense marketing efforts previously done. It was as if the business was starting from scratch.

Its the same as when we get excited about doing something new when it comes to managing our money. For example, tracking our expenses, or beginning to invest our monies etc. We get really excited at the get go and its pretty much all we’re thinking about for a short while. We have grand plans for our money. We have visions of nice reports of the breakdown of our expenses, we think about the amount of returns our investments will make for us… Until the excitement dies down. We get used to it. We skip a couple of days. We forget.

And soon enough, we’re back at SQUARE ONE.

When it comes to money, its about being boringly consistent. We can also project this to every single thing we do, even our careers. No matter how boring it gets or how we feel, its just some things that we have to do to get where we want to go. Some people are more disciplined than others, some need some help. Either way, everyone is on the same journey, its just a matter of how long you take to get where you want to go.

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